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Patch 14.1.1

08 October 2018 (15:32) by Ninja


- The forgotten gold store has 


- No longer possible to use Magic Walls & Wild Growths inside World Boss events.

Patch 14.0.6

07 September 2018 (15:47) by Ninja

What is new & what has changed?
Siege Event
- Participants will from now on receive temporarily items during the event. They will be removed from a player's inventory when the event is over.
- Added map marks to display the locations of graveyards, capture points, bosses, and mini bosses.
- Added bosses and mini bosses to the event area. Killing any of these will grant the entire guild a temporarily boost (damage, health, or speed).
- Added a new sub-category to Leaderboards called Siege Rating.
- Fixed an important issue with movement & invisibility as well as other miscellaneous issues.

- Two new games has been added, Slots & Dicer Game.
- Overall improvements has been made for a better experience.

- The crafting stations beneath depot has received a brand-new interface that is much easier to use.

Client Enhancements
- Added a new character window that is meant to replace the current !character command.
- The maximum stack size for items has increased from a modest 100 to a whopping 1000.
- Fixed an animation error with mounts "walking in air" when you wore an animated outfit.
- Added a Deposit All button to the new bank.
- It is now possible to lock/unlock windows at their locations by pressing a button. However Health & Chat window requires you to press ALT and double-click to lock/unlock the window.
- A white border will appear around mini windows for less than a second when first opened.
- Added two new menu options for items, Deposit All (Only for Gold & Archlight Tokens) & Add to Auto Loot.
- It is now possible to turn around properly with CTRL when using WASD mode.
- Quick Target has received a minor workaround, it will no longer target monsters that are unreachable.
- The transfer functionality has been re-added to the store.
- Containers (bags, containers, depot lockers et cetera) can now appear on the left side if there aren't enough space on the right side.
- Options has received new Creature settings as well as a setting for Keyboard Delay.
- Hiding the Battle List will now disable the entire module which in turn should result into a smoother gaming experience.
- Added tooltip to stamina bar as well as different colors depending on how many hours/minutes there's left.

- You will receive an autumn leaf for every 250 energy points spent. This is an event that will last for approximately two weeks.
- You can now see the weekly rent of a house by looking at its doors.
- The push delay for creatures has been lowered.
- Fixed an issue with water elemental corpse.
- Display how many normal, charged & overcharged gems an item has.
- Fixed soul regeneration for awakened players.
- You will no longer receive any experience from monsters if your stamina is zero.
- Added a new Necromancer spell called Underling. Summons a suicidal gozzler that detonates when it reaches its target.
- Added a new passive awakening spell for Necromancers called Summon Mastery. Each point increases your summons damage & health by 5%.
- Added a new entry (Duplicated Spawns) to the Quest Log which displays how much time there is left.
- Added Spec as alias keyword for specialization to the NPC Rare Goods Collector.
- The broadcast NPC will from now on only send messages to the Broadcast & Looking for Group channel.
- Sorcerers, Druids, Bards, and Monks are no longer able to use the spell Summon Creature..
- Monks has received a 20% auto attack buff as well as 16 of their attack spells (3-30%).

Patch 12.3.0

18 May 2018 (08:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 12.3.0
Friday, May 18th

Sarandiel has left and betrayed us... she regained her power based on a book of lies, acquiring goddess herbs to increase her power. She has begun preparing for her siege on the Forgotten Islands. The Sarandiel Event NPC will be available until this patch goes live at which time she wont be available anymore. 

4 New Amulets Released, Each with 5 Tiers.

Each of these 4 amulets initiate a series of 4 quests to the user. Reaping Amulets will reward the user with either Legendary Archlight Keys, or Regular Archlight Keys for Minor Reaping Amulets upon completion of each quest.
Oblation and Minor Oblation Amulets will evolve from a statless amulet into a powerful necklace after completing all 4 of the required quests and become usable.
After completing any of the quest chains for any of the four amulets, you will also receive a trade-able unique companion token.
Reaping Amulet
6 Living Tokens - Gives 6 Legendary Keys Per Completed Quest (Total of 24) + Receive Guinea Pig Companion Token (Tradable) once quest is completed (+2 All Stats) (This Amulet Breaks once all 4 quests are completed, however you can repeat amulets as many times as you want)

Quest #1: Sacrifice 25kk
Quest #2: Sacrifice 500 AT
Quest #3: Kill 3 Of the Lord Rituals
Quest #4: Kill 2 World Bosses

Oblation Amulet
8 Living Tokens - Evolves into Oblation Amulet with: +5% Damage, 3%/3% Base Health/Mana Regen, +25 Skill Value, 3% Essence Find + Receive Fox Companion Token (Trade-able) once quest is completed (+2 All Stats)
Quest #1: Sacrifice 25kk
Quest #2: Sacrifice 500AT
Quest #3: Kill 3 Of the Lord Rituals
Quest #4: Kill 2 World Bosses

Minor Reaping Amulet
Obtained for 15kk from the Gold Merchant
Receive 5 Archlight Keys Per Quest Completed (Total 20) + Pixie Companion Token (Trade-able) once quest is completed (+1 All Stats) (This Amulet Breaks once all 4 quests are completed, however you can repeat amulets as many times as you want)
Quest #1: Sacrifice 10kk
Quest #2: Sacrifice 200AT
Quest #3: Kill 2 Lord Ritual Bosses
Quest #4: Kill 2 World Bosses

Minor Oblation Amulet
Obtained for 25kk from the Gold Merchant
Evolves into Minor Oblation Amulet with: 3% damage, 2%/2% Base Health/Mana Regen, +20 Skill Value, 2% Essence Find + Receive Beetle Companion Token (Trade-able) once quest is completed (+1 All Stats)
Quest #1: Sacrifice 10kk
Quest #2: Sacrifice 200AT
Quest #3: Kill 2 Lord Ritual Bosses
Quest #4: Kill 2 World Bosses

New Item Released - Flippers - Allowing the user to hunt on the water of treasure cove, also giving the user access to the Sarandiel World Boss. 

Treasure Cove Released, New World Boss Sarandiel The Water Goddess Released!

Quest Broadcaster Added
We have recoded the quest broadcaster, it will now be 100% functional and more seamless. This will allow players to broadcast to recruit additional players either to help with their quest, or as a paid quest service.

New Scaling Formula to Awakening Turnin Items
We have restructured the formula to be a much more indepth and complex formula for the awakening turnin experience of items. It will now scale MUCH better at every point in the game, making them very relevant for any point in the game, whether awakening level 7 or 700.

New Boss Mechanics Added (that target ranged players) To:
Awakened Cassandra, Awakened Sharptooth, Darksteel Cryptlord, Sharptooth, Cassandra (Voodoo Quest).
This is something we wanted to add for awhile now, but essentially we have added ranged boss mechanics that will target "outer circle" players such as Archers and Casters, forcing them to also dodge boss mechanics like melee players.

Awakened Sharptooth and Hideout Quest Released
These quests have a 3 day cooldown with a Tier 5 Quest Box.

Quality of Life Changes
You can now start a conversation with an NPC simply just right clicking them (This is actually already live).

Misc Changes
Kraken Tentacle health buffed by 800%, Kraken Tentacle Spell Radius' increased by 50%. 
Kraken armor will now be used similar to a prismatic token to enhance reforged mastercrafted equipment into Kraken Armor, keeping it's regrade and rarities.
Lord of the Elements rift removed from rifts.

Descriptions updated on the following items
Dungeon medals
Rune Soil
Catchup Rune Soil
added ore veins (instead of item of an type xxxxx)
MC Blueprints
Dream Matter
Forest Leaf
Glowing Forest Leaf
Enchanted Forest Leaf
Rift Warrior Doll

May House Contest Winners!

15 May 2018 (20:54) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the 10 House Contest Winners for May! 
Another monthly house contest with 10 winners will be on June 15th (Houses must be finished decorating by June 12th for judging)
Each Winner Below has received 1000 coins transferred and a house contest sword mailed to them!

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Grip Poll

14 May 2018 (21:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

Based on a recent player poll, and with further staff discussion, we have decided not to introduce the grip system until a future date.

Thank you for providing your feedback, concerns, and taking the time to vote.

Archlight Featured

09 May 2018 (19:56) by Gamemaster Knighter

Over 2500 views in 2 hours, very cool to be featured on MMORPG PL >
"ArchLight Online (better Tibia) is experiencing a siege. Everyone wants to play this MMO"
"Tibia is experiencing a second youth and the same can be said about its spin-off, or ArchLight Online. "
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